Cultivar Awards

Kathy Lamb, Director, AHS Region 1 Inc.

The biggest news from the Fall Board Meeting is always the announcement of cultivar awards, and AHS Region 1 can be proud of two special members: Karol Emmerich for receiving four Honorable Mentions, and gary Schaben for placing in the top five for the Stout Silver Medal. See the full story on these awards on page 8 and color photos on the inside front cover. Congratulations to our Region 1 hybridizers!

Heading for Baton Rouge

I was more than ready to leave the freezing rain of Minnesota for the fall AHS Board meeting in balmy Baton Rouge, October 30-31. Ginger Goudeau, our host and AHS Convention Special Chair, picked up several of us at the hotel early on Friday for a morning tour of the city and a lunch of oysters and seafood jambalaya before afternoon meetings began.

The Baton Rouge levee offers an impressive view of a very wide Mississippi River, especially for a Minnesotan who has waded across the same river at its headwaters. Baton Rouge will host the AHS National Convention in 2011, and it looks like the subtropical setting will be lush with palms, gingers, and colorful crepe myrtle when we return during peak daylily bloom. Most of you have probably felt that sense of amazement when you find yourself staring up at a gigantic tree and realize that you usually see the same specimen as a two-foot houseplant.

Be prepared for some great Louisiana hospitality! This year, with the Saturday meeting on Halloween, we were “encouraged” to wear guess-the-daylily costumes. Region 13’s John Holland was menacing—especially to young children in the elevator—as ‘Bela Lugosi’. Region 8’s Pat Loveland sported a beret and a filmy spider web cape as Luddy Lamberton’s ‘Artistic Web’. Two posed in convincing ‘Brown Witch’ costumes—we couldn’t even tell who they were until their wigs and masks came off, when we discovered they were International Chair Maureen Strong and Garden Judge Records Chair Joanne Larson.

We didn’t waste much time getting to work. AHS Executive Pat Mercer compiles an agenda book from committee reports she receives in September. The agenda book had 159 pages — a lot to cover. Friday afternoon meetings went from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, followed by an all-day marathon on Saturday.

We will have a big change next year, as 2009 is the last year of Kevin Walek’s term as Director and as AHS President. Kevin has accomplished much during his term, including the arduous task of revising AHS Bylaws and bringing AHS and its regions into compliance with IRS rules. AHS can face the future with more certainty because of Kevin’s hard work and dedication. We were deprived of the chance to say goodbye in person, because Kevin had to go out of the country on a business trip—but we gave him a hearty round of applause by telephone conference.

I will continue as Chair of Publicity and Media Relations, and attached to my committee is Region 1’s Steve Horan as Special Chair for Press Releases.

While many AHS Committee Chairs will remain the same for 2010, there will be a number of changes: Incoming AHS Officers are: President Mary Collier Fisher (Region 4); Vice President John Holland (Region 13); and Chief Financial Officer Claude Hanson (Region 9).

Publications Chair will be Brenda Macy (Region 10). Regional Officers Chair will be Kay Day Pricola (Region 7). Julie Covington will join the Board as Director of Region 3 and will continue to chair Awards and Honors. Betty Roberts (Region 9) is leaving the Board after 12 years of service, most recently as Youth Chair; Earnest Yearwood (Region 5) will be Youth Chair as of 2010. Claude Hanson (Region 9) will chair Finance and Compensation.

As Director for Region 1, I am always available to answer questions, help steer you in the right direction. You are also encouraged to go directly to the Chair of the committee that would handle your concern. AHS Directors, Committee Chairs, Special Chairs, and Staff Members are listed on the AHS website at Remember, current Chairs remain in place through the end of December 2009, and new positions begin January 1, 2010.

The Daylily Journal

AHS Journal Editor Meg McKenzie Ryan announced a new format for the AHS Daylily Source Guide. Instead of being a small part of the Supplement, it will be published as a “keeper reference guide” for daylilies and supplies for each region. See the ad on page 3 in the fall issue of The Daylily Journal for details.

Meg had requested ideas for future Journal articles during the Lake Mary, FL, convention and was pleased to receive so many good suggestions from members. Let Meg know if you have more ideas for articles.

Youth Awards and Scholarships

Youth members are encouraged to apply for the Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award and for the AHS Bertie Ferris Scholarship. The deadline for submitting applications is March 31 each year. See the AHS webpage for more information: html

Digital Programs from the AHS Library

Daylily programs are now available in digital format for rental from the AHS Library. Users pay a minimal fee (currently $10.00) to download a program, so no mailing need be involved. See instructions and the list of available titles at Media_Library_2009.pdf