Turkey Ridge Daily Farm

David and Shirley Halverson, Marshalltown, Iowa Reviewed by: Lloyd and Patti Weber, Fridley, MN Little did we know when we stepped off the bus what a wonderful garden property awaited us? David and Shirley purchased the property about 5+ acres, in 1974. Then over the years have transformed this tangle of brush with a deep ravine into a rolling garden with terraces and structure galore. They designed and constructed their home with the help of their children. It took them eight years to finally fill in the 30 ft. ravine. They now have three pergolas including Grandpa’s pergola and swing; Read More

Rash Daylily Garden

Selwyn and Mary Kay Rash, Ellsworth, Iowa Reviewed by: Le Walls, Brookings, SD The people of Ellsworth were talking. Many of them knew about this beautiful flower garden before July 2009 but now they will always remember “the day the big tour buses rolled into town and stopped at Mary and Selwyn’s house”. Ellsworth, north of Ames, is a charming small town that can boast they have a spectacular garden. Now, when friends and relatives come to town, they have something wonderful to show them. With this garden being in a small town, people are more likely to stop by Read More

Timbercreek Gardens

Don and Mary Ann Lovell, Marshalltown, Iowa Reviewed by: Mary Baker, Omaha, NE About three years ago, Don and Mary Ann Lovell relocated their former acreage garden to 36 acres of farmland with excellent soil in Marshalltown, Iowa. Our tour bus arrived at 7:30 a.m. Skies were cloudy and the temperature was 58 degrees. It was exciting to see the new Timbercreek Gardens location for the first time as well as daylilies that would be fully open despite the early arrival time and cool temperature. Don, Mary Ann, and their 9-year old dog Mitzi, a McNab Shepherd, greeted us. We Read More

Walkabout Gardens

Nan and Merwyn Ripley, Nevada, Iowa Reviewed by: Donna Schouweiler, Bismarck, ND I could have spent an entire day exploring Nan and Merwyn Ripley’s expansive rural garden near Nevada and still felt as though more time was needed to do it justice. The diversity of plant materials found at Walkabout Gardens is a treat for passionate gardeners of all types, featuring a mix of shade and sun lovers, wonderful clematis and majestic trumpet and orienpet lilies, shrubs and trees. Whimsical plant combinations, garden art such as a cobalt blue painted tree, and shaded seating spots for contemplation, can be found Read More