Region 1 Publicity Director Donna Steele

Participation nearly doubles; largest increase among all AHS Regions

Greetings Region One:

As fall shows its windy and cooler face, I hope you all took advantage of the daylily activities in Region One. Our spring and summer produced cooler temps and lots of moisture, which certainly helped the daylilies in our part of the country.

CIDS once again had a great convention with lots of beautiful daylily gardens and provided an abundance of daylily plants for us to take home as part of their auction. I hope you all had a chance to bid on one or two and they are now getting established in your garden.

I am so proud of all of you that voted in the Popularity Poll this year. You more than doubled the number of votes from last year with 69 polls sent to me either by snail mail or email.

Lots of the participants in the summer tour also turned in their sheets (with a little incentive of being in the running for a Karol Emmerich introduction, H. ‘Spirit Of Truth’). The AHS members name drawn that night was Virginia Delvaux from Vermillion, South Dakota, and a member of our Dakota Prairie Daylily Society.

Once again, I want to thank Karol for helping promote Region One and donating her talent and plants. The Popularity Poll results at right show we are paying attention to our northern growers and helping them promote their product.