Region 1 President Vicky Aughenbaugh

After a very strange summer, winter is here. We had a very cool and wet summer in South Dakota, and it really affected the daylilies like I haven’t seen before. The foliage was so lush and dark green and the colors of the flowers were as vibrant as you could want. I have had more rebloom this summer than I have ever had. It was a very good daylily summer.

Well, if you missed this summer’s tour in Marshalltown – you missed a great time. As always the gardens down there were beautiful, the hospitality was so warm and genuine, the auction was huge, the food great and the keynote speaker Melanie Mason was outstanding. She truly is an inspiration with her dynamic personally and endless energy. I want to thank the members of Region One for the support shown to the host clubs by their attendance and generous offering of plants for the auction and barging tables. Thanks to you all!! During the tour we gained one new garden judge, Selwyn Rash. Congratulations, Sel! On Sunday, Garden Judges Workshop 2 was held at Phil Fass’ lovely country garden. Out of that workshop we also gained a new garden judge instructor, Nan Ripley. Congratulations also to Nan!

During this year’s Summer Regional Meeting, Kathy Lamb was re-elected Director of Region One for her 2nd 3-year term. Kathy is a very dedicated and conscientious director and Region One is very lucky to have her.

Next year the Summer Regional will be held in Bismarck/Mandan, North Dakota. The Central North Dakota Daylily Society is working very hard to have a new and different regional for us. One change will be to host both Garden Judges Workshops 1 and 2. This will be an excellent opportunity to become a garden judge in one weekend. We know how difficult it is to get to Garden Judges Workshop 1, so by having both workshops that weekend we hope to encourage a lot of people to become garden judges. Please consider taking both workshops and becoming a garden judge. The times are tentatively set for GJW1 to be held Friday afternoon and GJW2 to be held during the garden tour on Saturday, so there will not be anything on Sunday for those who travel. Check the website www.northerndaylily. com as information will be posted soon.

If you haven’t checked out the website, you should do so as Mike Grossmann has done an awesome job getting it up and running; all the information concerning Region One is on there. The new pop poll winners will be posted soon, as well as information concerning the March Pollen Dabbers and the 2010 Summer Regional Meeting.

I’m pleased to announce we have two more gardens that have been approved as an AHS Display Gardens – Bobbi Ulhmann’s garden in Columbus, NE, and Zora Ronan’s garden in Central City, IA. Congratulations to you both. Region One always has room for more display gardens, so if you want to apply for display garden status please do. You can find the information about becoming a display garden at There are so many beautiful gardens in our region, and we appreciate those that are willing to open their gardens to share with others.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Pollen Dabbers March 26-27. CIDS has invited two really interesting speakers for this event – Richard Norris and Paul Owen. And of course, who doesn’t love the slide shows of our very own Region One hybridizers! I know I’m going to be there, hope you will too! Details and registration form are inside the front cover wrap.

Enjoy the winter, get rested up, for a new season will be upon us before we know it!

Thanks to all of you for the support you have shown, I truly appreciate all of you!