The crowds stroll the expansive landscaped beds at Turkey Ridge

David and Shirley Halverson, Marshalltown, Iowa
Reviewed by: Lloyd and Patti Weber, Fridley, MN

Little did we know when we stepped off the bus what a wonderful garden property awaited us? David and Shirley purchased the property about 5+ acres, in 1974. Then over the years have transformed this tangle of brush with a deep ravine into a rolling garden with terraces and structure galore. They designed and constructed their home with the help of their children. It took them eight years to finally fill in the 30 ft. ravine. They now have three pergolas including Grandpa’s pergola and swing; a huge screened-in porch/hot tub area and four beautiful daylily gardens. They also have a couple of shaded hosts gardens as well and many unique companion plants.

All of their plants are well displayed with shiny engraved metal name tags. Shirley states her favorite daylily is the one she happens to be admiring at the time. Spoken like a good mom. who loves all her children equally. There is no question Shirley is a true daylily lover.

Some of our favorites were H. ‘Six Legs a Leaping’ (Wilson–B., 2006), a yellow spider and H. ‘Peach Magnolia’ (Joiner, 1986) a double we have just the spot for. We also liked H. ‘Royal Trumpeter’ (Munson–RW., 1981), a large and unusual orange/red. We tend to see beauty in the older varieties.

Shirley claims the reason she doesn’t hybridize is because almost everyone in the CIDS club creates such beautiful flowers for her and we so do agree.

This was a wonderful convention with amazing gardens and wonderful people. Now, after so enjoying our first Regional, we will definitely attend the next in North Dakota. We hope to see you there too.