Many homeowners strive to have the nicest house on the block. This includes the best lawn and best gardening. No matter if you grow award winning lilies or just love the tranquility of a garden, it still brings you happiness. In fact, you be surprised to realize your garden can hold monetary value.  If you are a lily gardener, it’s important to know if you are covered with Florida home insurance if something happens to your beloved plants.

In addition to your lilies, do you own nice patio furniture or top of the line gardening tools? What about a nice BBQ grill? You would definitely want these items covered as well.

What about my garden?

A garden is considered a permanent feature of a home according to Therefore you should have some coverage for your lilies already. Most standard Florida home insurance policies will help you pay to replace trees, shrubbery, and plants against particular types of perils. These perils include fire, lightning, explosions, vandalism, theft, and accidental damages done by someone else’s vehicle. There are also other risks out there that aren’t covered by your policy. For example, weather damages such as hail, high winds, snow, ice, and pest damages.

Policies will also have limits on how much coverage your lilies will have. Some policies will limit coverage for landscaping to a certain set percentage of your policy’s dwelling protection. You will also be likely to pay a deductible.

Your home insurance in Florida may also offer you additional protection for your lilies. Extra coverage may be used in order to increase your limits if you feel the need to increase them. It’s greatly important to have a policy, not just because of your lilies. You will also just want to safeguard your Florida home as best as possible too! Your home is your biggest investment and you will need to completely cover it as well.

What else will a homeowners insurance policy cover in Florida?

By purchasing a policy you will be able to receive these three main types of coverage. They include structural damage, personal belongings, and liability protection. It works just like any other type of insurance. You will pay a monthly premium. This premium will depend on your policy and company. You can pay premiums monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or annually.

Next is your deductible. Your deductible is the amount you will pay out of your own pocket until insurance coverage will kick in. Usually, the lower your deductible the higher the premium.

Florida home insurance is quite expensive according to In order to find the best coverage for you, try shopping and comparing policies online. That way you can protect your home and your precious garden lilies.